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>> >> it's friday! >> it's the top of the hour and no complaints about the weather this morning. it's deflight -- delightfully cool. take a look at the screen. today's first light. isn't that absolutely gorgeous? that's one of the finer 6:00 amount pictures we've had in a while. i agree. >> we'll look at the day part, it's a no brainer.
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it's perfect. i mean, sunshine with a high of 75. >> will you like the drive this morning. here's sharon. >> well, you will at the moment, but we can't guarantee it will stay this way taking a look at the drive times and the speeds. everything looking good on the top and the westside. both with 11 minute drive times on the top and the westside of the outer lupes. taking a look at the westside. there's harford road. the same for the westside at old fort and there's a look at 95 southbound and traffic is heavier there and no delays just yesterday. remember, wjz-13 is on, go to for more. >> hear's one of the things that people will be talking about today. the new allocations made about john leopold.
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ash woman -- a woman put new claims into her sexual harassment suit. >> reporter: leopold's office calls it a publicity stunt to drag his name through the mud. among the job, hethere were several allocations in the suit. one included that he wanted a woman transferred because he was transferred with her. the lawyer that filed it representshamner. >> whatever is in the complaint today, it's accurate, absolutely. no question, 100%, i have the witnesses. i have the people. >> and you think they'll testify. i know they'll testify.
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>> leopold refused the request for an interview, but issued a statement. the suit also alleged that employees were fearful. >> we have all of the financial statements and the auditors were thorough. if there was anything at all wrong, it would have been identified. >> the bulk seeks a $5 million fund to compensate any employee. >> for either side, you don't want the allocations lingering. it's harmful to everyone. >> he's also accused of calling a woman and pig and fondling
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another woman. also, we're tole that allocations that one retired to get away from his advances aren't true and that he was always professional. >> a grand jury has indicted a 14-year-old as an adult in the shooting of two hispanic men last month. she was enraged when the men laughed at her attempted robbery. new data shows that the drive is as safe as it's been in a generation. ther . >> reporter: whether it's the recession or traffic laws number of traffic fatalities is
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down in maryland and across the country. last year in maryland, the roads got safer. traffic deaths dipped. >> that's terrific and some kind of progress is being made. maybe education and law enforcement. >> reporter: the numbers are in line with some in the nation. the rate has been low. >> reporter: some agencies point to the recession. >> the other reasons for the decline are the economy and high unemployment and as a result, people are driving less. >> reporter: still, others are making the driving while texting illegal. >> it's a contributing effort. it's stepped up enforcement and it's a good media and education campaign and it's personal responsibility of drivers. >> reporter: it's not all good
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news, the driving deaths surged since 2009. >> i'm a nondrinker, so, hopefully, you know, people with the, with the message will get out and you know, keep everyone safe. >> reporter: and the biggest improvement in the fatalities were among truck drivers. the deaths fell 26% last year. >> motorcyclists are the second best improvement with deaths among them dropping 16%. that's more impressive seeing they saw 11 years of increases. also, a florida minister's plans to burn copies of the koran are on hold for now. he suspended the event yesterday and now, he's rethinking the decision. he insists he was promised that a planned islamic building
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would be moved away from ground zero, but they say that's not true. a military ban on gays is shown unconstitutional. the government lawyers say that judge phillips lacks the authority to issue the injunction. seven maryland schools receive the honor of being named blue ribbon school. eastern technical is one with 304 schools selected nationwide. the award goes to schools where schools are axeling or in poor communities where they'll improving. >> turning to sports nfl regular season kicked off with a rematch of the championship game. drew brees went head to head
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with brett favre in the superdome. brees completed 27 of 31 passes. the bottom line, the saints win it 14-9. as we win the monday night match up, ray lewis has strong words for rex ryan. >> coach your jets, you understand. my name shouldn't come out of rex mouth unless you're telling me to block someone. and whatever they want to say, man, you still got to play the game. the game ain't played through tong, but when you buckle up your chin straps. i hope they can cash this check, it's when you get tired of people talking about stuff. you can talk about whatever, but there ain't no man that's gonna flat out whoop me. and the ravens will buckle up
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their chin straps in three days. the ravens and the jets next monday night. the special coverage begins 6:30 here on wjz-13. >> i have made a special request. i want to hear that whole ray sound bite again. that's out of site! you just give me a thumbs up when that's ready. by the way, we have a few great raven's pictures. i like this one. these are the bris co-s. they're in south florida. they took raven nation on the road. >> it's fun to go to stadiums and watch an away game. that's a good stadium to watch an away game. they don't have a gripe with
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ravens. at some stadiums they're like, well, okay, if you're a jet's fan, that's a different story. do we have ray cued up. let it row. >> coach, coach your jets, my name shouldn't come out of rex's mouth unless you're telling me to block someone. whatever he feel they want to say and all of the jets want to talk about this, man, you have to play the game, the game ain't played through tong, but when you buckle up your chin straps. you can talk about whatever, but there ain't no man over there that gonna flat out whoop me. >> rb 521 love. >> well, that's great.
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it's a beautiful morning. i'm spraying you in right now no need to stop the party. was that great or what? >> that's awesome and one of the lead stories in new york this morning. ray let them have it. this was -- the jets were 7-7 last year, right? >> we're having trouble hearing you. >> can you hear me now? >> through a straw. >> well, let's throw it to the break, it's purple friday. we're live at miss shirleys and we'll give you a schedule when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. you want some fiber one honey clusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? no, no.
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grease on his back ! i totally missed it, another shirt ruined. good thing the expertise of spray n' wash is combined with the power of resolve in our new in wash stain remover. only resolve has stainseekers. just treat the stains you see and add to the wash for the ones you miss. the stainseekers will find, penetrate and lift away the toughest stains. trust resolve. forget stains. it's 56 degrees and barely a breeze, barometer at 29.92. 65 hagerstown and 48 cumberland and 57 easton and 58 pax river
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and 54 at the ocean. 61 minneapolis and kent island and d.c. and bel air. 56 columbia and 56 rock hall. high pressure running the show, it's a gorgeous out look and a few passing fair weather clouds. what you're looking at is an area of low pressure that's going to kind of skirt south of us. as it does, it may kick off a shower on sunday. it may. it's not a huge percentage chance. i'm not ready to write any sunday off. 75 degrees today and abundant sunshine and pleasant. clear and on the cooler side. tomorrow, we'll move it up to 79 degrees. monday, tuesday and wednesday, 82, monday and tuesday. 76 degrees wednesday. normal high is 80 degrees now. that's a tropical depression igor. and 35 miles per hour winds.
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by the middle of next week, in the center of the convergence zone. still far from the vacation islands. still, midweek, no watches and warnings up. right now, it's a map curiosity. how about the hurry up with sharon. well, no concerns at all. the volume's light and no accidents. we'll see how long that will last. taking a look at the speeds and the drivetimes, everything's up to par with the drivetimes on the beltway. taking a live look at the topside of the beltway. we're getting busier at harford road. still, no delays. same situation at old fort road. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, moving forward, back to
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you, don. hey, you know what, let's bring ronster in here. i just found out what rex ryan is doing. he took a page out of his former head coach's book. take the head, put the media spotlight on me, let the team alone. that's what he's doing. well, that's a possibility. we, we're doing great this morning. we have our purple on, right? yes, we do. we're getting ready for monday night. the town is on fire. we cannot wait for this game monday night against the new york jets! it all starts today. we have the friday purple caravan and the raven's cheerleaders and we have moe. it -- we have poe and it goes all day. let's introduce everyone here.
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[introducing cheerleaders] >> and poe. hi, of course. how are you, buddy. this day is nonstop. we go from 7:30 to 11:00. the full list is at our website. >> we're starting at miss shirleys. are you ready for the day? >> yes, i'm always ready. how about you guys. this is a long, long day. >> yeah, it's a long day, but it's worth it. the fans are great and come out and everyone is getting pumped for the monday night game. >> are you finding it like i am, the town's going nuts. yes, we were talking about that. it's even better. i don't know how we'll top it, but we will. we'll look at the schedule. we have a new stop this year, don and marty.
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at 2:00, the cheer -- cheerleaders andpoe will be at the zoo in baltimore and after 1:00, the admission is 5 bucks and rise and conquer, the ravens will be there along with poe and all of the cheerleaders. also, later on today, they'll be at the field house in canton, marty. that's where we'll be doing football talk after the game. that's after the game and bulldog and j. kart will join us. >> we want to mention the fan cam will be out this morning at miss shirleys. if you're a fan, come on by between 7:30 and 8:30. if you want to comment, we have the camera and we'll talk to you. we'll link to the website later on today, well, this morning to
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give you the schedule. we're excited in deed. let's have a cheer. ♪ let's go, ravins! let's go, ravens! let's go. >> i have to bring this guy over, don and marty. he's the proud proprietor of miss shirleys and others. you're a great fan. >> absolutely, from day one. >> i know you feel strongly about promoting baltimore and doing this. >> it took us about ten seconds to decide. we got the call and we said, we're in. >> at 8:30 this morning here. >> come and visit us, cheerleaders and poe will be here. >> thank you. >> by, marty and don. one of the great guys in
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baltimore. >> we want to thank you guys. and of course, my buddy poe. come on by and we'll take on the jets and put them in their plates. ron? >> that's a game you can see here on wjz. have a great weekend, see ya. hey, ron, look at this. we have to bring out the brewty shot. this is going to take us into the break. oh, yeah. we haven't done this one in a while. awesome. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right, good morning, let's look at a photographic, it says it all. we have a flow coming up over the great lakes and sunny and 75 degrees. don, take it away yet to come on the morning edition. the latest on the explosion in california. transforming two blocks into a disaster zone. we'll show you what happened and what went wrong overall traffic fatalities
6:26 am
are down and there's a type of accident on the rise. that's coming up. a first of its kind indictment. baltimore city charges a man of computer hacking. if you're about to head out, we'll look at the speed sensors. and she burst on to the country scene in the 90s and she's been a star for a long time and one of the nicest people in nashville, by the way. and that's mart -- martina mcbride. more importantly, she's on this stand up to cancer program. that's on cbs tonight. seriously, one of the nicest people in twang town. we'll forget about the fact that she's a season ticketholder to the titans as we look at the russell street
6:27 am
coliseum. you stay tuned. home sweet home, huh? >> the morning edition >> the morning edition continues aftete twitheehr flyreshed bak ge bal tw fistsnlor o,y $3 ke li d ouricelioewus n ma totoil bas weor shoet ctecolahi cp, g sothrab ree 3 for y.toda [ ding! ]
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it's friday! and it's the bottom of the hour in 15 seconds, it will be 6:30 and what a way to start a week's end and weekend. the fair weather clouds overhead and the delightfully cooler temperatures drive's not going badly. >> let's look at the day part. it's going to be gorgeous. totally sunny and the mid-50s to low 60s on the way to 75 this afternoon. easy as that, don scott. >> here's sharon at wjz traffic control. >> well, we did have an accident before you said that. we can take a look at it outside. it's on the topside of the beltway. not a good spot at harford road. it's blocking the right center lane and the traffic's slowing as people take a look at the accident as they pass by.
6:31 am
looking at the speeds as we pass by, there's the speeds and they're not that bad on the topside where the accident is. there's a look at the drive times and the speeds on the bellway. the westside's slowing down and 51 miles per hour on the hour between 795 and 95. there's a live look at the westside at wilkens looking good there. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. buy right the first time and you'll save more in the long run. in this half hour, we're following the breaking news in california. an entire neighborhood has been leveled. this is the video that the firefighters saw. initial reports are that a natural gas line exploded and killed a person and destroyed 53 homes. here's the latest from wjz. >> reporter: the search is on
6:32 am
for the victims a. a blaze that tore through a suburb. it's a terrible, terrible tragedy. >> reporter: around dinner time, a huge gas line explosion rocked a neighborhood. it sparked a fire that spread to several homes. we heard a rumble and then an explosion. you could feel the ground shake and hear it whistling. >> reporter: flames sored hundreds of feet in the air. biggest fire ball i've seen, ever. >> reporter: at first, it was so hot,the firefighters couldn't get close enough. when they were able to, the blast took out the area's water system. the crews had to pump the water from two miles away. several injuries have been reported and one death and the authorities fear that number will grow. and more than 50 homes were destroyed and 100 others paddy
6:33 am
damaged and many are waiting to find out if their loved ones are alive. >> i can't find my daughter. some residents claimed they smelled gas in the neighborhood for the past several days and the crews had been out to take a look. evacuation centers are set up. the officials are surging survivers to report in. >> it will be a long haul fortunate city and the residents. >> reporter: the cause of the blaze is still unclear. and right now, about half of the city is without power due to the fires. at least their homes aren't burning. people in boulder, colorado are told to get ready to flee their wildfire. it's only about 30% contained.
6:34 am
the sheriff may ask people to leave to make sure they're safe. back here, we're learning more about the wind whipped fires. half a dozen families are impacted by them. wjz was first on the scene wednesday night and flames spread through row homes. many of the burned out homes were vacant and the good news is no one was hurt. >> the name of the man shot in front of a randallstown grocery store is released. henry harris is accused of grabbing for an officers gun. he was shot by the officers and he's charged with attempted murder. both of the officers are on routine paid administrative leave. >> don't text while you drive or drink while you drive or drive distracted.
6:35 am
all three are messages you have heard lately and they're working. >> reporter: the good news is that 44 fewer people died in traffic related deaths in maryland and the bad news is that drunk driving related deaths increased. >> reporter: last year in maryland, the roads were safer. the traffic accidents dipped. >> i think that's terrific and some kind of progress is being made, probably the education of people and law enforcement. >> reporter: the numbers are in line with much of the nation. the driving fatality rate is as low as it's been since 1950. >> another reason for the decline is the economy and high unemployment and people are driving less than they did 3 years ago. >> reporter: others credit the
6:36 am
texting while driving laws making it illegal. it's a combination of efforts. it's stepped up the enforce. and it's a good media and education campaign. >> reporter: it's not all good news. alcohol related driving deaths surged in 2009 after driving the same amount in 2008. >> i'm a nondrinker, so, hopefully, you know, people with the, the message will get out and listen to that and you know, keep everyone safe. >> reporter: and other reasons for the lower numbers are safer cars and better trauma facilities and more seat belt usage. thank you, andrea. the number of people killed while riding bicycles dropped 12%. a local man is the city's first ever computer hacker.
6:37 am
walter powell is accused of recording the key strokes of former coworkers remotely and then using the information to break into the agency's system more than one hundred times in a month. >> he hacked into the system in a way that allowed him to shut down the computers used during power point and when it restarted, it included pornographic presentations. it was shown to the substance abuse board of directors. a federal appeals court breathed new life into embryonic stem cell research for now. a three member panel blocked the funding for the research and the panel makes it clear, this is a temporary step as
6:38 am
this proceeds. 22 are in danger of shutting down. >> reporter: tom brady escaped injury when he crashed his car yesterday morning. the police say that a 21-year- old ran a red light. the 49-year-old passenger of the minivan is taken to the hospital. he left the scene on his way to sign a 4 year contract. he was guaranteed 48 1/2 million dollars. and in nfl action last night. brett favre and the vikings kicked off their nfl regular season. the saints came out hitting hard. he threw an interception here. drew brees had a touchdown and so did thomas. the saints win, 14-9. and the ravens begin their regular season in a few days. live here, you can see the
6:39 am
ravens and the jets next monday night. the special coverage begins here,. you can e-mail us your purple and black related photos. go to our website and click on the links to do it in an easy fashion. we have the answer to who let the dogs out. michael wright let the dogs out. check that out. isn't that great. that's a great shot. man, that's a good shot. i have one for dixie. it looks like a horse blanket. coming up on coffee with. martina mcbride is a superstar. she's one of the nicest people in the business. to be honest, she has an
6:40 am
important message about women's health and she's performing for cbs's stand up for cancer that you can see tonight. martina mcbride. we'll have the traffic traffic and the first warning weather and more. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] this is america.
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winds are from the west and the barometer at 29.92. it had been in the upper 40s. it was 28 about 45 minutes ago. and 59 elkton and 61 d.c. and pax river and naval air, 58. 56 in columbia. it's been 61 in d.c., minneapolis and kent island and 63 in rock hall high pressure controls the weather and it will be another beautiful day. we have an area of low pressure that's going to skirt through the south on sunday. it may send a shower our way, but i'm not ready to call sunday a bad day.
6:44 am
75 and pleasant and sunny. tonight, clear and cool and 52 is the overnight low and tomorrow, a high of 79 degrees and 75 sunday and a chance of a shower. don't write this day off yet. this is igor. who, by the middle of next week, will be in the middle of the ocean. curiosity not a concern. and we have a named storm and it's worth a mention. >> if you're getting close to commuting, here's sharon. >> well, we have an update on the accident on the topside of the beltway. we have a live look at it on harford road. two right lanes are blocked on the outer lupe. that's as you approach the accident scene and a second on the eastside. watch for that. that's on the eastside outer lupe. and another accident in the
6:45 am
city on o'donnell street at in- - interstate avenue. the westside is slower and that's 50 miles per hour. that's between 795 and 95 with the 12 minute drive time. there's the drive time at wilkens and there's 95. that's north of the beltway. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, buy right the first time and you'll save more in the long run. back to you, don and marty. we want to show this to you graphically. cbs is taking part in stand up to cancer. the other networks are taking part as well. the specials have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in the past few years. and speaking of which, our coffee with guest, martina mcbride will be a part of the stand up to cancer special and right now, she's joining us on coffee with.
6:46 am
martina, we're honored to have you on the show. how's it going today. it's going great. >> well, this is an honest to goodness treat. you've worked hard and you've been one of the biggest in the modern history of country music and for you to throw your weight behind this message, i have a 20-year-old daughter -- it's a big deal, let's talk about this. >> thank you, first of all. i partnered with cheerio. they approached me about taking care of your heart and as a mother of three daughters. it seemed like a great idea. they also said that heart disease is the number one killer of american women. i had no idea. i think that we think of it as a man's issue. we don't think it effects so many women. so, we just decided to talk
6:47 am
about different ways. really, to get people to think about it and making lifestyle changes. we should also point out, we've done numerous stories. ladies, you have different symptoms than guys. next time you talk to the doctor, read what your symptoms are. it's not necessarily what we would trigger in a guy's mind. pretty cool. you know, general mills, using cheerios is behind this, but they, as a corporation, we've done other coffee with's involving them. it's a big deal and the corporation says, we can do it better. >> i think so, it's admirable they've made this commitment and you know, that they continue to find ways to try to help and, you know, cheerios is
6:48 am
a healthy food. it's 100% whole grain oats. >> apple cinnamon cheerios. they rock! >> well, hey, listen. we've only got a few minutes left in the slot here, we'll refer folks to do a search for cheerio and heart health. what's up with martina mcbride these days. have you had a busy year? >> we have had a busy year and summer. we did several tour dates and now, we're kind of back in nashville and getting the kids back in school. we're getting our schedules back on track and getting back on a routine and i'm starting an album in october. the kids go back to school and you go back into the studio. it coincides and it works out. >> yeah. and it boils down to 15,000 people screaming your name and
6:49 am
the next morning, you're making pancakes. you're a working mom. yeah, i know, i have a lot of advantages. my kids come with me on the road and it's harder to do. the 15-year-old, her idea of a perfect weekend isn't spending time on a tour bus with her mom and dad. it's getting to be a challenge to get them to come on the road. yeah, i mean, just trying to balance that, it's difficult. you can almost, well, hearing you say that, you can appreciate it when garth brooks said, i'm done until my kid's are out of school. >> when can we get a new album? >> well, not for christmas, but we don't have an exact release date. we're still working on it and
6:50 am
you never know how much it takes. but hopefully the spring. well, it will day >> well, it will debut as number one. >> well, thank you. well, this website is loaded with a ton of information. there's a tremendous amount of health literature on this website. and go ahead and use it, knowledge is power and that's a good thing y. i're awesome, thank you for being with us. thank you so much >> we'll tell loretta you said hello. >> tell her. thank you. >> more tina mcbride. yeah. apple cinnamon cheerios do rock. i do honey nut and straight cheerio. it's more like medicine. -- we'll take a break and come back. ♪
6:51 am
♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] mcdonald's new chicken flatbreads. all out awesome combinations of juicy, grilled chicken topped with roasted garlic aioli and a natural four-cheese blend. mcdonald's chicken flatbreads. the simple joy of new discoveries.
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let's go ahead and look at the forecast today. we're calling for a beautiful, beautiful cool, late summer day with a normal daytime high of 80. we're going for a high of 75 degrees this afternoon. just gorgeous and totally sunny. tonight, clear and cooler and
6:54 am
52 is the overnight low and tomorrow, 79 degrees and sunny and another superday. now, over to sharon gibala as traffic control. >> hi, marty, not as nice in the morning commute. we're making progress on the accident. taking a live look outside. you can see, the accident is moved to the outer lupe. we have an accident on the eastside of the beltway, that's on 702 and south east boulevard. watch for two accidents in the city. one on franklin at element street. and there's the drive times and the speeds. 48 miles per hour and same situation on the westside outer lupe between 795 and 9512 and 13 minute drive times. 's a look at the drive times. sun glare could be a factor and it doesn't look like delays are.
6:55 am
you could have to tap your brakes between the beltway and 895. this is brought to you by bills. back to you, don. >> thank you, and we'll stick with the traffic theme. there's new information about the safety on america's highways. the traffic fatalities dropped 7 1/2% in 2009. we're part of a trend in which they're nearing a 60 year low and fatalities increased 12% more in 2009. we're learning more about the wind whipped fires in south west baltimore. wjz was first over the season wednesday and back on the scene overnight when the flames raged through the row homes spreading due to the high winds and low humidity and dry conditions. many of the homes were vacant. a man accused of murder was back behind bars after being let out on bail.
6:56 am
a judge released him overthe holiday. a second judge recented the bail and he's charged in the shooting death of a young man. >> a man's name arrested in front of a grocery store has been released. henry harris is at shock trauma and charged with attempted murder. both officers involved are on routine paid leave. water restrictions are -- in hold at a assisted living center because of legion air's disease. stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station and complete news and weather still ahead for you
6:57 am
this morning. this morning. ash -- a gas line explodes in ,, everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true.
6:58 am
we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician.
6:59 am
come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents

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